Municipal Tax Sales

The Vermont Legislature has adopted H.629 (2024) and Governor Scott has signed the bill, establishing Act 106 (2024). The new Act establishes a study committee to work over the summer and fall of 2024 to gather data concerning municipal tax sales and evaluate any proposals to change the existing statutes concerning municipal tax sales. The first step is to collect data from all of Vermont’s Towns, Cities and Gores to have a comprehensive understanding of the actual data concerning tax sales over the last few years. I am an attorney and former legislator from Burlington that is collecting as much data as possible to better inform the Act 106 study committee on actual data concerning recent municipal tax sales.

If you are in charge of delinquent tax collections for your municipality, I ask that you please complete the following questionnaire about the tax sale history in your community:

Tax Sale Questionnaire

It is more important that you respond to the questionnaire quickly than completely. Once we have the initial responses, we will be able to follow up, either with individuals or by reviewing land records, websites and other sources to fill in any unanswered questions. So, for example, if the questionnaire asks you about tax sales in a year when you were not responsible for tax sales or that information is not easily available to you, just leave those questions blank and we will gather the data to fill in the blanks.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, please select the Submit button at the bottom of the questionnaire. Depending on your computer setup, the completed results will either be formatted into an e-mail message for you to send back to me, or will be saved as an attachment that you can e-mail back to me. Those responses will be loaded into data for the entire state. If you want to correct an earlier submitted questionnaire, just submit a new questionnaire with just the updated/missing information and that will be corrected from your original response.

If you ever have any questions, or prefer to speak to me in person, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Alan Bjerke, Esq.

802 373-4199